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Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 15:13:41 GMT 2010

Thanks for your quick answers.

2010/11/25 Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com>

> > Is there a way to:
> >  - display the rate of the picture I'm currently viewing in full screen
> > mode?
> Slideshow in 1.6.0 can do it (you can edit rate too)

Not yet in the Fedora repositories. I hope it'll be there quite soon.

> Anyway you can change rate in thumbnails view. turn on right option in
> settings.

Well, the idea is to know - and possibly change - the rating when I'm
viewing the photo in full screen mode.

> I work with dual screen at home. It's very powerfull, and not too
> expensive in fact.

I had delayed that for too long.
I just ordered a 23" to "play" with dual-screen. Hope it'll be there by the
middle of next week.

> > When
> > in full screen mode, there is no bottom bar, and I don't see any other
> way
> > to go back to the main view than closing the lighttable window (Ctrl-W).
> yes staus bar is hidden. To fix it a new option must be added. please
> file bugzilla.
Will do. I just have to think what would be more convenient considering how
I use the interface.

> >  - in the main window, I choose to not display the toolbar and menu bar,
> in
> > order to get maximum height; and I use Ctrl-Shift-F to toggle between
> > full-screen and normal mode. However, each time I come back to the normal
> > viewing, the system re-displays the toolbar! And I have to do Ctrl-M to
> > re-display the menu, then re-configure the "not display" of the toolbar,
> > then hide the menu again... Why doesn't it keep the previous settings?
> It's due to a bug probably. I think there is already a file in bugzilla.

I'll look for it, and post a comment maybe.


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