[Digikam-users] Using digiKam to develop (professional) photos

Knut Krause knut.krause at lagom.de
Wed Nov 17 20:24:48 GMT 2010


I just started to learn about developing photos and now the big moment is 
near and I want to print a photo in poster size.

I got the image here as a Canon RAW (*.cr2) file and I try to get the very 
best out of it using digiKam.

Is there somewhere a nice howto for a professional workflow using digiKam?

AFAIK has the RAW image no color space so I think the first step would 
involve to convert it to AdobeRGB, or? Do I do this during the RAW import 
selecting the "work color space"?

Do I have an AdobeRGB image then? I tried this once and the metadata says 
unkown color profile. The next question: Since sRGB is used for computer 
display and AdobeRGB would simply look "wrong" do I have to enable the color 
managed view or disable it during my work?

All I want to make sure: Get the best out of my RAW and to the photo 
printing service :)



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