[Digikam-users] libkdcraw no longer builds with 4.5.2

sean darcy seandarcy2 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 23:44:28 GMT 2010

To build newer libs, like libkdcraw.so.9, without upgrading all of kde 
(I'm using Fedora 13), I've been taking the fedora kdegraphics packages, 
and replacing the libs folder with the libs folder from 

rm -rf ./libs
cp -av  /home/photo/build/digikam/kdegraphics-svn/kdegraphics/libs .

That worked fine, up through kde 4.4.5. Fedora recently switched to 
4.5.2. I did the same thing. That works for everything (libkexiv2.so.9, 
libkipi.so.8) except for libkdcraw.

I know nothing about cmake, but cmake appears to find libkdcraw:

-- Check Kipi library in local sub-folder...
-- Found Kipi library in local sub-folder: 
-- Check Kdcraw library in local sub-folder...
-- Found Kdcraw library in local sub-folder: 
-- Check Kexiv2 library in local sub-folder...
-- Found Kexiv2 library in local sub-folder: 

but it doesn't build it:

-- The following external packages were located on your system.
-- This installation will have the extra features provided by these 
    * JPEG - A library for reading and writing JPEG image files
    * KIPI - A library for adding kipi support
    * Exiv2 - A library to access image metadata


grep dcraw x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu/CMakeCache.txt
//Search for Kdcraw package

Any help appreciated.


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