[Digikam-users] Re: How to read author and copyright metadata written by DigiKam

Photonoxx photonoxx at free.fr
Thu Nov 11 09:02:49 GMT 2010

Basically, I thing exiv2 and exiftool should return all the metadata in an  
image if you just enter the file as "argument". there should be some  
options to display the precise XMP/IPTC path and name of each entry, and  
with that, you'll be able to determine how get the information you want I  

man exiftool can give you some info.

If you make exiftool -G -S yourfile

It should return all the metadatas sorted by group and with the group and  
shortname for each tag.

So in this output you look which tag interest you and you get its name.  
The subject is output among others as this :

[XMP] Subject : subject1, subject2, etc...

If you want to gey this tag, you just have to do this in terminal :

exiftool -XMP:Subject yourfile

Le Thu, 11 Nov 2010 05:04:41 +0100, Yuri Galachyants <yuragal at gmail.com> a  

> Hi!
> Could anyone please explain how can I get the subject metadata, which  
> have
> been written by Digikam into an image, using alternative software such as
> exiv2/exiftool/etc?
> Best regards, Yuri.

Nicolas Boulesteix
Photographe chasseur de lueurs

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