[Digikam-users] Re: "An HTML attachment was scrubbed..."

Darren Kirby bulliver at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 18:08:18 GMT 2010

On Monday 08 November 2010 08:02:07 Paul Verizzo wrote:
>  What's with this message deletion?  I've not had it happen in prior mails.
>  This whole thing of (seems to me) the Linux community abhorring HTML mail
> is beyond the pale. 

The 'Linux community' abhors bloat and obfuscation. There is zero reason to 
send HTML emails other than to make your formatting 'pretty'. They are at 
least twice as big, usually more, than a regular text emails. They are 
unreadable by many email clients. Yes, some people still read their mail in a 
text console. They automatically load external references from the internet. 
They hide viruses.

They add nothing of value.

> It's REALLY aggravating

And I find it aggravating sorting through useless bloated HTML emails. Many 
people filter them straight into the junk bin. There are sound reasons for 
doing so.

> and only serves to limit the
> audience to The Chosen Few.

Actually, by insisting on HTML emails _you_ are limiting _your_ audience. 

This entire topic is beating a dead horse however. A simple google for 'html 
email harmful' will provide you many links worth of compelling arguments why 
technical minded folks don't like HTML emails.

No matter which you prefer, and the relative merits thereof, the simple fact 
is the community you are trying to communicate with doesn't like HTML emails. 
Know your audience and respect them...when in Rome and all that. 

>  It'll probably scrub this one, too.
>  Paul


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