[Digikam-users] Re: Compiling Issues (my version of the wheel)

Michael G. Hansen mike at mghansen.de
Sun Dec 19 18:07:31 GMT 2010

On 12/19/2010 06:06 PM, Hevï Guy wrote:
> I think that I've finally found such a detailed map:
> http://www.digikam.org/drupal/download/SvnAlongStable (thank you very
> much, Mike Hansen!).

Given that these instructions are only editable by people with a 
digikam.org account, and that these people don't always try to compile 
digikam on a variety of platforms, maybe we should move these 
instructions to http://userbase.kde.org/Digikam, where any 
user/developer can sign up and contribute, when he finds errors.

Now is the question, how do we care about all the different Linux 
distributions? The compilation-instructions (cmake, make, ...) are 
mostly the same, it only differs in the way that packages are installed. 
So make one set of instructions for each distribution?

Proposed Structure for newbie-friendly compilation instructions for digikam:

Compiling digikam
- General notes
   - Tarballs versus svn checkout
   - CMake flags
   - installation to /usr or /usr/local or $HOME/bin
   - troubleshooting: ask on digikam-user, try newer svn version, what 
to include when asking for help (build log)
- Compiling under Ubuntu/Debian
   - General notes about apt-get, repositories, creating packages via 
checkinstall, etc
   - Version-specific instructions for Ubuntu X
   - Version-specific instructions for Ubuntu X+1
   - Version-specific instructions for Ubuntu X+2 ...
- Compiling under Fedora
   - General notes about installation of dependencies under Fedora (I 
have no idea about that)
   - Version-specific instructions for Fedora X
   - Version-specific instructions for Fedora X+1

What do you think? Anybody willing to start such a document could also 
have a look at these pages for inspiration:




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