[Digikam-users] Re: At boot: 8 digiKams!

Mark Greenwood captain_bodge at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 7 14:38:54 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 07 Dec 2010 14:25:20 John B. Egger wrote:
> When I turned the computer on this morning, 2 instances of Digikam
> started, with "scanning collections, please wait..." messages. I decided
> to read some email, and then noticed that there were now 8 instances
> running! (digiKam<8>, etc.) I started to work through them, Quitting
> them when there was nothing under "My Albums." The last one remaining
> happened to be digiKam <5> but it switched to simply "digiKam" and I was
> delighted to see my albums, complete with tags and captions, appearing
> under "My Albums."
> Is digiKam looking on my backup drives for .db files and opening digiKam
> to handle them? On my two permanently connected backup hard disks there
> probably ARE eight old digikam.db files. (In just one backup directory I
> found one from 2005, and a digikam3.db from 2007). The albums I'm using
> are in /home/john/Pictures and I use rsync to back up /home/john to two
> internal hard disks.
> If so, should I rename those files in some way that digiKam does not
> recognize them as database files? Any other suggestions for this newbie?
I've had issues with digiKam not shutting down properly when I close it, on occasion. If you repeatedly close it and then restart it during a session this could cause you to have 8 of them hanging around when you shut down.

If you have your computer set to 'Restore previous session' (under Session Management in System Settings, assuming you're using KDE 4) when you log in, all those digikams will 'come back to life'. This is annoying :-)

To clear it, try using 'Start with an empty session', which will log you in with just the basic stuff running. If all your digikams appear again, then this is not your problem :-)

I've had this issue on and off over the years with several applications. What I do these days is boot into an empty session, start up the things I want to start up when I log in, then save that session and choose 'Restore a manually saved session'. Though that said I can't for the life of me remember where the 'Save Session' option has moved to these days....


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