[Digikam-users] no photos or thumbnails

Errol Sapir errol at tzora.co.il
Sun Dec 5 23:55:51 GMT 2010

My OS is pclinux2010. A few days ago, on opening Digikam 1.5 there were 
no photos or thumbnails shown in digikam. I tried opening and reopening 
the program to no avail. The albums are shown, but no pictures of any 
sort. Of course I restarted my computer. I even upgraded to 1.6, hoping 
this would solve the problem.
I then deleted the database and built a new one. Same phenomena. When 
looking in  the folder the photos are there.  I see the pictures in 
gwenview, Gimp etc. It is only in Digikam I see nothing.
Help, please.

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