[Digikam-users] Re: Store image as AdobeRGB

Knut Krause knut.krause at lagom.de
Thu Dec 2 09:26:28 GMT 2010

Am Mittwoch 01 Dezember 2010, 22:17:37 schrieb Marcel Wiesweg:
> > I now set up digiKam using AdobeRGB as workspace color profile. If I save
> > my images (as jp2/tiff) the color tab (ICC-Profile) says later it's a
> > sRGB image. What do I have to do to store the image in AdobeRGB, too?
> Normally, it should just be done.
> Currently, I'm getting a crash when trying to save an ICC profile in
> Jpeg2000 and I see a comment in the source that this probably does not
> work. Gilles?
> Did you try saving to JPG or PNG?

Hm, maybe you could tell me where I would have to look excatly for the color 
profile? I did not try jpg or png yet. I'm still looking for some good master 
format to save my images during my editing workflow. Until now I thought about 
jpg2000 or tiff. Any other recommanedations?


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