[Digikam-users] workflow for deleting not wanted RAW-Files

Peter Shute pshute at nuw.org.au
Thu Aug 26 23:24:40 BST 2010

I would have used Ztree to delete them, not sure if there's an equivalent file manager in Linux.

I would tag all the jpg files in the affected folder, then use the control+Batch command to use the base of their filenames to create a batch file to rename their matching raw files to, say, *.rawsave. Then I'd delete all remaining raw files and rename the rawsave files back to raw. I assume digiKam can then work out which thumbnails to get rid of.

This procedure could also work for multiple directories. You could do it the same way by manipulating directory listings into scripts by hand if you find Ruediger's scripts daunting.

It sounds like digiKam needs a way for raw/jpg pairs to be able to be treated as one unit, like Lightroom's stacks. Doing it with scripts is bound to lead to tears sooner or later.

Peter Shute

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Hello Ruediger!

Wow, thaks a lot for sharing these scripts. Looks like they do what I want... have not 
tested them yet due to lack of time.
Anyway it seems like there is no "internal" fuction in DK, since nobody else replied.

Thanks a lot again

On Monday 23 August 2010, 23:50:49 ruediger wrote:
> Am 22.08.2010 23:12, schrieb Micha Neubauer:
> > Hello everybody!
> > 
> > Just a short question on my workflow, since I guess that there is a nicer
> > and faster way than I am doing it. Here it comes:
> > 
> > I always take a RAW and a JPG copy of each picture with my camera because
> > I want to have a RAW copy of my good picures. Then I download the
> > pictures in digiKam and delete all the crap I took.
> > During this process I don't want to scrall through every picture twice
> > (and have to delete twice) so I only look at the JPGS (by activating the
> > filter at the bottom of the DK window).
> > After this process is done I still have all the crap RAW files of which I
> > deleted the jpgs. Then I go manually through the folder and delete every
> > RAW file of which I do not have the corresponded JPG because, of course
> > I don't want to keep a RAW copy of the crap photos I took. Then I copy
> > the RAW files of the good fotos into another folder and store them away
> > because at the moment I just want to backup my phots as RAW files but
> > don't need them for now.
> > But this process sometimes takes quite a long time and there is also the
> > danger of deleting the wrong RAW files just by accident when doing it
> > fast and annoyed by this boring work. So now I guess there must be a way
> > of automating this within DK.
> how I do it:
> - "delete to trash" the unwanted jpegs
> - write a small script that searches through the trash folder for jpegs
> and deletes the raw files with the same basename; then delete the jpeg
> in the trash (or move both to another, private trash)
> like this (bash script):
> files=$(/bin/ls -1 *.jpg )
> for i in $files
> do
>      DNG=`basename $i .jpg`.dng
>      JPG=`basename $i`
>      find -L $PROOT -name $DNG -exec mv -fv {} $TRASH \;
>      find -L $PROOT -name $JPG -exec mv -fv {} $TRASH \;    # doublettes
>      rm -f $DIGIKAM_TRASH/$i
> done
> > But this it not all. The ideal solution is a little more complex:
> > Since I even don't want to keep the RAW files of ALL photos of which I
> > keep the JPGs I am even looking for the possibility to for example to
> > delete all RAW files of which I do not have a corresponding JPEG rated
> > lower than 4 or with or without a certain tag. Sometimes you want to
> > keep bad picutres just for memorizing moments but which do not justify
> > occupying the momeory with big RAW files.
> > 
> > Anybody can help me with that? It would also be helpful to hear (or read)
> > how other people deal with this problem. I guess I am not the only one
> > wanting RAW-Files of only a selection of the photos they took.
> > thanks a lot in andvance
> > 
> > micha
> like this:
> cd whereyourjpegsare
> files=$(find -maxdepth 1 -name "*.jpg")
> for i in $files
> do
>      rating=`exiftool -f -rating $i | awk  '{print $3}'`
>      if [ $rating == "-" ]
>      then
>        rating=0
>      fi
>      if [ $rating -lt $min_rating ]
>      then
>        DNG=`basename $i .jpg`.dng
>        find -L $DIGIKAM_ROOT -name $DNG -exec mv -fv {} $TRASH \;
>      fi
> done
> use at your own risk ;-)
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