[Digikam-users] workflow for deleting not wanted RAW-Files

Simon Oosthoek somlist at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 26 15:32:49 BST 2010

Micha Neubauer wrote:
> Hello Ruediger!
> Wow, thaks a lot for sharing these scripts. Looks like they do what I want... have not 
> tested them yet due to lack of time.
> Anyway it seems like there is no "internal" fuction in DK, since nobody else replied.

Just to chime in a me too ;-) I have a similar workflow (just don't get 
too much time for the deleting bit (not even sorting out the bad/good 
shots, so I have accumulated over 170GB of images now, quite a few of 
them need sorting out)

Some things that come up in my mind here:
- this kind of workflow could be better supported in digikam, perhaps we 
need to collectively formulate a wish on bugs.kde.org?
- I use gqview, now called geeqie. The newer versions support RAW+JPG 
and deleting an image will delete both together.
- dealing with multiple renderings of the original RAW file is not so 
easy (sometimes the camera jpeg is good enough, but on some images, you 
need multiple attempts to get what you want from the RAW file. I suppose 
the built-in editor works ok for this, but when editing in an external 
tool like gimp+ufraw makes it hard to keep track)

some features that would be useful:
- upon importing, provide option to use a flowing light-table like quick 
selection (like the apple dashboard when you move your mouse over it, 
the icons grow, only bigger ;-) to filter out bad shots (out of focus, 
cut-off subjects, over/underexposed). That would need to have a 
film-like ribbon with enlarged versions of about 3 shots on the screen 
(with easy option to go fullscreen and zoom in).

- this would also be useful on a selection (multiple albums) from the 
normal digikam UI for when you don't have time to do this at import time.

- better tracking of tags/ratings for images derived from the same RAW 
data. (defining a group identity? storing this in the DB, scanning 
should be able to use exif data to automatically form such groups)



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