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Sven ssmail1398-maillist at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 18 08:22:33 BST 2010


Looking back to an email I sent from Digikam in September 2007 it was similar 
to this:

I was sending pictures from an album with the name "070922_nature". The 
captions was (say) "Two participants at the old bridge". The pictures 
downsized and emaild by D were renamed to 
"070922_nature-Two participants at the old bridge.JPG

In addition I could also chose to attach a file comments.txt but the names of 
the pictures was really handy and made good use of the comments I had entered. 
I'm still having this as a rule of thumb for how to write my picture comments: 
It should make sense when presented like this being not too long.



On Monday 16 August 2010, Bruce Marshall wrote:
> On Monday, August 16, 2010, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> > I don't understand the problem exactly. Please explain better...
> > 
> > Gilles Caulier
> I think what he is refering to is the name given to the resulting file that
> is attached to the email.
> For instance, I might have a picture file name  DSC_0967.JPG   and after it
> is processed for emailing,  it becomes: <ignore>
> It *USED TO*  become  img001.jpg  or something simiar to that but I just
> tried it and now it is back to keeping the same name as the original image
> file.
> When did that change back???
> I too was bothered by the naming, and have received complaints from users
> who want to save images and find separate emails with photos  could not be
> saved without gyrations to change the name on the photo file.
> Ok....  working as it should now...     Digikam  1.2.0
> > 2010/8/11 Sven <ssmail1398-maillist at yahoo.com>:
> > > The "Images"--->"Email Images" function:
> > > 
> > > In earlier version(s) of Digikam (pre KDE4 I think) the emailed images
> > > were renamed to the text in the Caption (.jpeg) before rescaled etc. I
> > > found this very handy and have waited for the function to return. Is it
> > > possible to achieve this in current version ? Should I post a
> > > wish-list.
> > > 
> > > Thank's
> > > 
> > > Sven
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