[Digikam-users] old XML-Files from old Digikam-Version

cool.chris65 at web.de cool.chris65 at web.de
Thu Aug 12 09:15:31 BST 2010


instead of actual versions this old digikam seems to store pic- and folder-
information to store only in this xml-files found in all folders / albums.

Because I have some pic which I had imported into digikam 1.2.0 there where no 
other information than stored by the camera, but I know, there are some 
additional information inside these XML-Files, but I won't find a way to import 
these infos into the actual digikam and it's database.

Is there a more practical way to import them than to bring them in by hand?

Greets, Christoph

Am Dienstag 23 März 2010, um 08:49:33 schrieb cool.chris65 at web.de:
> Hello,
> I've here some Files and folders, where the digikam-data is stored in xml-
> Files.
> Is there any way to import these data into the actual digikam-database?
> Thanx.
> Greets,
> Christoph

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