[Digikam-users] selecting photos

Sven Burmeister sven.burmeister at gmx.net
Mon Aug 16 09:07:30 BST 2010

Am Mittwoch, 11. August 2010, 22:23:55 schrieb Krister Nielsen:
> I want to select some photos, but every time I *do* anything, the
> selection is cleared. If I want to take a closer look at a photo, to
> see if I want to select it as well, and click on it, the selected
> photos are cleared. I cannot select across multiple albums either, as
> changing album also causes the selection list to be cleared.
> I suspect I'm being an idiot, but I've spent too many hours now to care...
> Is there any way to accomplish what I want?

No. As in a file-manager changing the folder or opening an image in an 
embedded viewer will clear the selection. In order to not have to preview the 
images you can increase the thumbnail size via the slider at the bottom right 
of the digikam window.

What you could do is tag your images with e.g. "Selection1" and then use 
digikam to sort by tag. That way you will have all the "Selection1" images in 
a group.


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