[Digikam-users] Disappearing images

Milan Zamazal pdm at zamazal.org
Wed Aug 11 19:31:18 BST 2010

In digiKam 1.2.0 some images disappear from album views.  This possibly
happens after moving or copying images across albums (I often receive
strange, nonsense errors telling something about missing source albums
or image information during the operation).  An image is present on the
hard drive, it can be displayed in showfoto without problems, it's
present in showfoto when running it as `showfoto .', the image file
seems to be unmodified and it was previously normally displayed in an
album view.  But now I can't persuade digiKam to display it, digiKam
behaves like the image file wouldn't exist.  Moving or copying the image
to another album directory (using mv/cp), renaming it, deleting its rows
from `Images' database table or restarting digiKam or the machine
doesn't help.  One special thing is that the image directories are
stored on a remote file system.

What can be the problem?  Is there a way to persuade digiKam not to hide
such images anymore?

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