[Digikam-users] Plugin to export duplicate image search results?

Woei Shyang digikam-users at w.woeishyang.com
Tue Aug 10 01:42:16 BST 2010

  Hi everyone,

I'm still quiet new to Digikam, but it is really the greatest and free 
photo management software I've ever seen :)

One problem that I'm trying to solve though... I tend to take pictures 
either in RAW and JPEG, and somehow in my library some JPEGs that were 
previously converted from RAWs crept in to the whole mix.

As it is a fairly sizable library (> 15000 images), the duplicate image 
tool is not very helpful when I have to go through each search result, 
select the JPEG file, and then manually click delete on it.

If it is possible, is there a way to export the search results so that I 
get a list of file names clustered together based on their fingerprint? 
That way I can simply script up something that has a logic like: /if *n* 
JPEGs are found in this group and there are also *n* RAWs in this group, 
delete the JPEGs/.

That'd be very helpful!

If DigiKam is unable to do this, can someone please point me to an 
alternative that is able?

Thank you :)
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