[Digikam-users] Albums: how do you organize them?

Micha Neubauer Micha.Neubauer at yahoo.de
Fri Apr 30 21:44:55 BST 2010

> Hi,
> I'm just curious how you organize your albums in digikam.

Many of you organise your photos with tags, very often they seem to be organised 
hierarchically. Do you then tag the whole hierarchy or just the lowest one?
For example: Europe/France/Paris/Montmartre

Do you give the picture taken in Montmartre also the Tag Europe and France and Paris or do 
you have this hierarchical tree only for sorting your tags?
Of course Montmartre is in Europe and Paris and in France. But tagging all of it is much 
more work than only the one tag Montmartre. Or is there a way of automatically applying 
tag to everything in higher hierarchy?
Then later on I might decide to move the Montmartre tag away from Paris and put it under 
Europe/France/Hills/Montmartre. What happens then to the tags which are written in the 
metadata (IPTC or XMP)? When I always tag the whole hierarchy it is a lot of work and 
might end in a mess. But when I only tag Montmartre, I do not have an easy possibility to 
just filter all images of Paris or France.
Is there maybe an automatic way of which I don't know to dissolve the hierarchies 
afterwards again?

I have started tagging my photos almost two years ago, then stopped and now I want to 
start again. But I realize now that the system I was using back then was not very good, so 
I am just thinking on how to improve it; to have something which can help me also in 10 
years maybe


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