[Digikam-users] How to save RAW files?

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Sun Apr 25 20:18:54 BST 2010

Am Sonntag, 25. April 2010 schrieb sean darcy:
> I've got .nef and .cr2. What's the best way to Save As during
> editing? That is, how do I save them so I can continue editing
> them in RAW?

First: There is no best way. My point of view: Never ever change your 
raw files. They are your negative. So keep them save and unchanged.

My way of handling is to use an software which is capable of handling 
configuration files (like recipe) where all settings are stored, so I 
can change one parameter and let the other alone. I use ufraw for 
this, but rawtherapee can be used as well.

> I've tried saving them as nef and dng. But digikam can't open the
> new saved files. "Failed to load image"
> Tiff, ppm, png? Is nef or dng supposed to work?

This depends what you want to do with the images. If it is final, jpeg 
is enough. If you want to edit it several times, tiff or png is better 

> sean


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