[Digikam-users] Lost tags and album thumbnails

Rei Shinozuka shino at panix.com
Wed Apr 21 13:28:53 BST 2010

The NAS exports NFS and it's mounted as a filesystem on my computer. 
/nfs-raid01/data.  I set it up that way before there was "Collections on 
Network Shares" option.  I started using digikam in the pre 1.0 days and 
back then your albums were rooted at one directory, so I've never used 
any of the collection features.

When the NAS was accidentally off in my incident, the /nfs-raid01/data 
mountpoint would have been empty and digikam showed no images (I don't 
remember it showing any errors either).  I hoped by shutting down 
digikam and then restoring the NAS, digikam would "remember" what 
"should" have been there and thus restore tags and album thumbnails, but 
i think it went ahead and just thought the data was all new (took hours 
rebuilding) and thus forgot about the tags and album thumbnails.  funny 
thing is that digikam4.db is huge, 120MB, also thumbnail-digikam.db is 

In any case, ideally the software should tolerate the fact that data are 
sometimes temporarily unavailable and retain what appear to be "dead 
paths." I think only human intervention should actively inform the 
software that the files are permanently gone, as opposed to an 
intermittent outages such as a NAS off-line, network outage, or an 
unplugged USB drive.  itunes for example (which often confounds me for 
other reasons), does generally tolerate having the data unavailable and 
subsequently brought back on-line (as in network share or usb disk).

i actually do happen have a recent backup with snapshot of the .digikam 
files, would it be as easy as restoring the old .db files and then 
restarting digikam?



On 04/21/2010 02:49 AM, Andreas Weigl wrote:
> Hi
> Am Monday, 19. April 2010 schrieb Rei Shinozuka:
>> I think the reason is because i started digikam while my NAS was
>> inadvertently powered down and it popped up showing no albums.  I shut
>> down digikam, started up the NAS and restarted digikam.  After a long
>> time (it has almost 350GB of data , digikam came up with all the
>> pictures, but the tags and album thumbnails were all gone.
> what type of collection do you use? If you use iSCSI I would recommend to use
> "Removable Media". If you are using NFS/CIFS I would recommend to use "Network
> Shares".
> In both cases Digikam should keep the data.
> Andreas

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