[Digikam-users] Highlight SOURCE images so they can be protected/avoided

Simon Cropper scropper at netspace.net.au
Wed Apr 21 07:24:23 BST 2010


New to DigiKam, so still working through some basic issues. Actually new
to Linux so be kind (Using Ubuntu).

I like the DigiKam a lot as it has very similar workflows to me and
operates in a way that I find intuitive.

Something I can't seem to figure out though is a way to visually
highlight source files. I'll explain...

My workflow is as follows (in the simplest form)...

1. Import RAW data from digital camera
2. Delete unwanted photos
3. Convert RAW file to PNG/JPG for minor adjustments (depending on need)

Consequently you have on the file system the source RAW files and
derived JPG or PNG (depending on need) files.

I have been using DigiKam to review and discard old images not wanted
any more and noted that RAW files are shown exactly the same way as all
other file types.

Considering derived images can be replaced and source images can not, I
was looking for a way to flag RAW (source) files so there is less of a
chance of accidentally deleting the images (at least have me think

I know that source files could be in a variety of formats so I thought I
could tag RAW files but can't seem to figure out how I might use this to
flag/highlight the tagged items. Alternatively I can always separate
source files from derived files in the file system but this is messier.

Any suggestions would be appreciated or indications how others handle
this problem.

Cheers Simon
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