[Digikam-users] Lost tags and album thumbnails

Vlado Plaga rechner at vlado-do.de
Tue Apr 20 20:58:44 BST 2010

Am Sun, 18 Apr 2010 22:04:16 -0400
schrieb Rei Shinozuka <shino at panix.com>:

> Digikam lost all my tags and album thumbnails but I think I know why 
> this time


> Is the information inside the db files, somehow detached from the
> images?

Yes, by default all that information is only saved to the databases
("digikam4.db" and "thumbnails-digikam.db"). For better security I'd
recommend changing that setting to also write metadata to individual
images. You'll find the appropriate switches somewhere under
"preferences / metadata". Lost thumbnails can easily be regenerated.

> Is there any way to recover the associations?

I don't know anything about the database file format, but maybe
someone else can help you. In any case it is always a good idea to
backup all user data from time to time...


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