[Digikam-users] Digikam and tagging

Andreas Weigl kde at silicoids-world.de
Fri Apr 2 17:19:58 BST 2010


I recently tried to tag a collection of images (trip to London) and found it 
rather bumpy. 

Here's what I did:
1. In the thumbnail view I marked huge chunks of images and set general Tags 
that applied to all of them (i.e. vacation and London). It is OK and fast that 
2. I went to view mode and went through the images. For every image I did:
2.1 Start typing in the search field (or if I knew it was a new tag set it 
2.2 When the tag was found select it with the mouse
2.3 Delete the text in the search field
2.4 Do 2.1 again for the next tag until all tags were set then go to the next 

So setting the more specific tags (like "London Bridge", "Tower of London", 
"Friend 1", "Friend 2") was rather bumpy. Taking my hands away from the 
keyboard to use the mouse was also not speeding up the tagging.

What I would have expected would be something like this:
1. Got to view mode and select the tagging sidebar on the right
2. When I want to tag an image simply start typing. The top X tags that match 
what I typed are shown (similar the way a browser shows the URLs from my 
history that match what I typed).
3. If the tag I wanted is in the list simply use the cursor keys to select it 
and press 
3.1 enter to select a tag and delete the search
3.2 ie. shift+enter to select a tag and keep the search
4 Repeat until all the tags are set then go to the next image (I've changed 
the shortcut already to the page down key. Space dosn't realy work that well.)

The other thing is I can't see which tags were already set in an easy way. So 
I don't know if I set all the tags I wanted to set.

I'm using digikam 1.0.0 on Ubuntu Karmic. If something like this is already 
planned or there is a better way to tag images let me know. 



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