[Digikam-users] Behaviour of left hand pane

Sherwood Botsford sgbotsford at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 14:23:18 GMT 2009

In the left side view in album view, I would expect each folder to recursively
show its contents.

Situation.  I tend to organize by YYYY/MM/ then may have special subject folders
underneath that representing an event.

A year from now, I remember that I have a beautiful picture of a single yellow
birch leaf floating on a dark pond with a water strider skating by.  

I know I tagged it pond, but now I have to click on each folder in turn, rather
than click on the top level.

Or if I know I shot it last year, I can click 2008

That is, the left panel should also behave like a filter, with the option to
toggle between "this directory" "and children" "and parents"

I would also propose a time filter, done as a series of multi-select boxes.

Year would have * and all the years represented in the database.
Month would have * and all 12 months.
Day would * and 1-31 
DoW would have * and Sun-Sat.
Time of day would have two dropdowns.
One would be hours, the otehr would be phrased like photographers think.
"Pre Dawn" "Sunrise"  "Early Morning"  "Mid day" "Late Afternoon" "Sunset"
"Twilight" "Night"  These times could be tied into the default definitions of
civil and nautical twilight.  To be effective, you would also have to specify a
location in the fuzzy search.  These should be configurable for how people work.
For me, "Late afternoon" starts when the sun is about 10 degrees above the

With a time filter like this, I could do searches for that 'magic moment -- I
can see it now, It was late afternoon, about an hour before sunset in October or
September.  The afternoon light set the birches on fire'

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