[Digikam-users] thumbnail generation for album

gerlos gerlosgm at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 18:35:27 BST 2009

Marc Deop ha scritto:
> On Friday 27 March 2009 14:46:30 Julien Narboux wrote:
>> t would be great if the thumbnails were all generated during importation.
>> I think that during importation of pictures the cpu is often idle
>> waiting for the pictures to be transfered from the camera, it would be
>> nice to use this time to compute thumbnails.
> Well, I disagree. The user should be the one to decide when to do the 
> thumbnailing as it takes so long (at least on my machine).

I'm not sure if someone already suggested this...

It would be nice if digikam could create thumbnails when downloading
images, why don't add this function to the download dialog? It could be
done adding a checkbox "generate thumbnails" to the dialog, so if
someone is interested he/she could activate the function.

I'm thinking of that days when I return from a long photo session with a
lot of RAW pictures (you know, sometimes I shot more than 1 GB of photos
in a week-end), and want to filter, classify and editing them after
dinner: I could start the download job before dinner and find everything
ready for processing after.


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