[Digikam-users] Olympus E-520

Skip Evans skip at bigskypenguin.com
Thu Jun 11 00:18:53 CEST 2009

Hey all,

Brand new to the list and even brander new to my Olympus 
E-520. I just downloaded Digikam version 0.10.0 to my Ubuntu 
9.04 through Synaptic but it doesn't show the E-520 in the 
list of cameras, even though I do read on the digikam.org site 
that it has been added.

Has Ubuntu just not updated its repository yet?

Is there some way I can get a version of Digikam that does 
include the update?


Skip Evans
Big Sky Penguin, LLC
503 S Baldwin St, #1
Madison WI 53703
Those of you who believe in
telekinesis, raise my hand.
  -- Kurt Vonnegut

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