[Digikam-users] Digikam file management

stefan at binaervarianz.de stefan at binaervarianz.de
Thu Jul 30 14:53:44 BST 2009

> This probably can considered as a bug, but I see it as a widely used  
>  behaviour
> pattern, used to avoid data loss in the most critical phase of   
> program execution
> of writing modified content.
> just checked the gimp: it indeed writes the file directly. So there   
> definitely is confusion ahead.

The modification of a copy instead of the real file to prevent data  
loss in case of failure while editing is a savety feature no one would  
dare to remove. I don't think gimp does otherwise.

It's just that the modified copy can replace the old file, leading to  
a new independent copy, or the content of the modified copy can be  
written (as a whole) into the old file. This would preserve the  
hardlink and modify all linked files.
Nevertheless it would be a short atomic action at the end of the  
editing preventing data loss.

If saving a whole image is to time consuming, you can of course make a  
diff of old and new file and then alter the original file. This would  
lead to even shorter 'dangerous' write time.

But, again, I'm not a developer. I'm not even a user yet....


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