[Digikam-users] Digikam file management

stefan at binaervarianz.de stefan at binaervarianz.de
Thu Jul 30 12:19:50 BST 2009

I know I should be in favour of the hardlinks, as I requested them, but...

> Having a copy function that tries to hardlink and resorts to copying if
> hardlinking is impossible should not break any mechanisms

It would be a bit more to it than replacing/extending the copy mechanism.
Whenever you change a property of a hardlinked file, you have to ask  
the user if he wants to change just the one file (and thereby create a  
new independent copy) or alter all files. I don't know the  
architecture of digikam, but I suppose this would mean a lot of places  
where a routine like that needs to be implemented.

It would be a major feature at least for the *nix systems nevertheless...


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