[Digikam-users] Colour Management bugs vs Release plan

Milan Knížek knizek.confy at volny.cz
Fri Jul 10 19:45:15 BST 2009


what is the roadmap for digiKam 1.0.0 release? Is it planned soon or in
a few months?

I am especially interested in colour management functionality, which now
(1.0.0 beta2) is quite broken (opening image in editor: random number of
pop-up windows ask about conversion/assignment/doing-nothing, embedded
profile is not recognised, conversion does not work often anyway, user
is forced to have the image in working colour space instead of
preserving the embedded one, etc.)

Of course, I am not pushing anyone to resolve the bugs, just wondering
if I can help.

I am not a programmer, but I can offer testing and functionality
proposals in this area.

P.S. If things remain broken, it might be safer to mention this in the
release notes to avoid negative experience of new users with digiKam.
Quite often, the inexperienced user will even not spot things do not
work correctly and could possibly destroy colours of his/her images.


Milan Knizek
knizek (dot) confy (at) volny (dot) cz
http://www.milan-knizek.net - About linux and photography (Czech
language only)

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