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Sat Jul 4 14:51:58 BST 2009

On Sat July 4 2009 03:00:23 am digikam-users-request at kde.org wrote:
> From: Paul Waldo <paul at waldoware.com>
> Subject: [Digikam-users] Digikam kills my gnome audio
> To: digikam-users at kde.org
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> Hi all,
> I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 (gnome). When I start Digikam (0.10.0 or 1.0.0
> beta) I get this message:
> The audio playback device HDA Intel (STAC92xx Analog) does not work.
> Falling back to PulseAudio
> When this happens, all of the sound that was playing stops and no more
> sounds are issued. I'm guessing that this is an impedance mismatch between
> KDE and Gnome. Has anyone seen this and have a work around? Thanks in
> advance!
> Paul

When I first installed digiKam on Kubuntu 9.04, I got an error message to the 
effect that Amarok was interfering with digiKam or the other way round.  I  
removed Amarok, and continued to install digiKam.

After digiKam was installed, I re-installed Amarok and everything worked 

This same problem occurred with a second computer I use and was fixed exactly 
the same way.

It might also solve your problem or at least give you an idea.


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