[Digikam-users] Video thumbnails in Digikam 0.10

Adham Hashibon adham.hashibon at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 22:56:37 GMT 2009


 this is my first post. I've already searched the arch and could not find an

--how to setup digikam to show thumbnails of videos?

my system:

Ubuntu 8.10
Gnome with kubuntu-desktop installed (no experimental packages)
compiled digikam with kipi plugins according to the clear instructions here:


Version 0.10.0-rc2 (rev.: 917468)
Using KDE 4.1.4 (KDE 4.1.4)

running digikam from the cmdline, shows the following:
digikam(11616) Digikam::ThumbnailCreator::load: Cannot create thumbnail for
"/windows/Photo Albums/mov03513b.mpeg"

Thanks in Advance,
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