[Digikam-users] 'Album-less' digikam?

Yannick Le Teigner yannick.leteigner at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 13:49:01 GMT 2009

Hello Jeroen,

depot wrote:
> Performance is excellent. Core2duo machine with 4GB ram.

Good! This is reassuring to know that with close to 10k images you still
have good performance. You brought me one step closer to use Digikam full
time. :)

depot wrote:
> Drawback:
> - you have to manually keep the symlink folder synchronized
> - all delete actions you perform from within digikam are applied to the
> symlink (so you delete the symlink and not the real image (I work around
> this by tagging the images I want to delete and after that I run a delete
> script over the marked for deletion selection)
> - all images edit actions from within digikam create a new image file in
> the symlink folder, overwriting the symlink, and not updating the original
> image in the collection folder (this in fact is something I do not
> understand, I expected digikam to update the original) 

Did you try it the other way around? Storing your images in the flat
directory (managed by Digikam), and have your script create the symlinks in
your hierarchical directory structure? That might help with some of the

Thanks again,
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