[Digikam-users] 'Album-less' digikam?

Jonas Norlander jonorland at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 09:55:59 GMT 2009

2009/1/24 depot @ xs4all. nl <depot at xs4all.nl>:
> Hello Yannick,
> I use Digikam (0.9 series) like you describe it. What I do is this:
> - My images are kept in a folder called 'collection'. Inside this folder I use a year/month structure for further division. Some year/month folders contain various sub-folders. E.G. 08-12/my_birthday etc.
> - I also have a folder called 'digikam_symlink_dir/all_images'. This folder contains symlinks to all the images in the 'collection' folder. There is no further division in the 'digikam_symlink_dir/all_images' folder. All symlinks are kept at root level.
> - The symlinks are created/synchronized with a simple bash script.
> - At the moment this folder contains over 9400 symlinks linking to an equal number of images kept in 'collection'.
> - The digikam album library path is set to digikam_symlink_dir. The sub-folder 'all_images' acts as my one and only digikam album.
> Performance is excellent. Core2duo machine with 4GB ram.
> Advantage:
> - only one 'real' album in digikam, all other albums are virtual and managed by tags
> - search/browse results are always presented under the one digikam album 'all_images' (before when I selected for example all pictures tagged 'chiara' they where presented with album header banners above the pictures, thus not giving me a nice overview
> - no worries about the folder names at file system level
> Drawback:
> - you have to manually keep the symlink folder synchronized
> - all delete actions you perform from within digikam are applied to the symlink (so you delete the symlink and not the real image (I work around this by tagging the images I want to delete and after that I run a delete script over the marked for deletion selection)
> - all images edit actions from within digikam create a new image file in the symlink folder, overwriting the symlink, and not updating the original image in the collection folder (this in fact is something I do not understand, I expected digikam to update the original)

This is a bug that happened to me to and I spent several hours to
restore pictures from backup a couple times before I realised it was
only when I changed a tag on a symlinked picture it would happen. I
searched the net and if I remember right it is a known bug.

/ Jonas

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