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Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Thu Jan 15 16:08:49 GMT 2009

> A question on tags: I am interested to know if my (valuable) tagging of
> 8000 photos over the christmas break is reconstructable from my photo
> collection without digikam's database.
> So, is the entire hierarchy for a tag written to file metadata, or just the
> leaf tag?
> For example if I have a photo tagged as "People/Will", how is this
> represented?
> What if the photo is "People" AND "People/Will"?

This was always a bit problematic in the old times of digikam 0.9, but now we 
fully support XMP, and that means all is well:
- we have a private XMP namespace which contains the full tag paths (tag 
- we write the tag name (leaf tag) to xmp.dc.subject, which supports full 
- we write the tag name (leaf tag) to Iptc keywords. This is restricted in 
length and charset, but most widely used.

Writing only the tag name to standardized fields complies better with Picasa 

Check that you have writing to metadata turned on in the setup!

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