[Digikam-users] dcraw and rw2

Sven Burmeister sven.burmeister at gmx.net
Sun Jan 11 18:03:18 GMT 2009


I want to debug some issue with importing .rw2 pictures. If I set median to 5 
and noise reduction to 300 and click on update, I see a difference. However, 
if I click on import, the picture imported looks as if I did not apply any 

So first question, does anyone else see this with rw2 files?

I want to compare the pictures imported via digikam and those I get directly 
from dcraw. I read the man-page of dcraw and I think what I need is:

dcraw -m 5 -n 300 -T

However, if I do so on the command line I get a corrupted image and:

p1000164.rw2: Unexpected end of file

Could this be the cause of the above described issue?

Another dcraw/digikam related question, if I want to use the -W option via 
digikam, what do I have to set? Whitebalance: level = 0?



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