[Digikam-users] installing digikam on a different path

Tommaso Schiavinotto mynos_main at yahoo.it
Mon Jan 12 11:20:46 GMT 2009

(sorry to send this email twice, but in the first I've forgotten the subject)

I tried to compile digikam from SVN. The compilation run smoothly but I had some problem trying to execute it starting
from a 9.4.

I filed a bug (# 180342) about the problems I run into, but I suspect most of the problem are due to me having installed
/opt when all KDE is installed in /usr/ (I don't want to install
digikam in /usr because there I only have package managed software).
Furthermore I'm using digikam from gnome.

I followed the instrunctions at:
changing the prefix to "/opt".
(All the wiki is not working at the moment and I cannot check it again)

I tried to link some of the service files from /opt/share/kde4/{services,servicetypes} to /usr/share/kde4,
but still all the albums are empty and I still get errors in console.

So here my questions:
1) Is it possible to tell KDE4 to check in /opt/ other than /usr/?
2) If this is not the case, how can I install digikam in a directory that is not /usr?


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