[Digikam-users] Photos flashes in latest versions

Jurian Sluiman subscribe at juriansluiman.nl
Mon Jan 5 09:30:35 GMT 2009

Hi all,
I'm compiling Digikam myself since September and I'm experiencing some weird 
behaviour at the latest builds (from beta 5 or 6 till now). It's hard to 
explain, but pictures from any album flashes continuously which is very 
When I click on a picture and watch the bar of pictures below the big size 
photo, there is no problem at all.

Because it's maybe hard to understand, I captured the problem with 
recordmydesktop. You can see the avi at 
http://download.juriansluiman.nl/digikam.avi. Because of compositing (I 
think), the quality is not really good (the konsole is displayed through 
Digikam's window) but enough to recognize the problem.

Is this a bug? Or am I alone with this? Almost forgot to mention: I already 
did already a rebuild of the thumbnails (multiple times).
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