[Digikam-users] libkdcraw versions and compile problems

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sun Jan 4 11:35:28 GMT 2009

> Hi and happy new year to all,
> I have a question about libkdcraw versions on my kubuntu computers, running
> kde 4.2 beta 2. On computer #1, I can compile digikam 0.10-svn without
> problems, but on computer #2, make fails with the error message
> Fehler: »class Digikam::DRawDecoding« hat kein Element namens
> »medianFilterPasses«
> make[2]: ***

> I think Gilles wrote once that this problem is likely to be related to a
> libkdcraw misconfiguration. So I checked for installed libkdcraw packages
> with
> locate libkdcraw | grep /usr/lib/kde4/lib

> So #1 has in addition to versions 6 and 7 also libkdcraw5 installed - could
> this be the reason why digikam compiles on that system but not on #2?
> Unfortunately, trying to install libkdcraw5 on #2 does not work, the
> package management reports conflicts with libkdcraw7 ...
> Any suggestion how to resolve this problem is greatly appreciated,

You need to so.7 for current digikam.
But that's not your problem, if you are looking for a compilation problem you 
need to look for header files. Make sure that only that header file of the 
latest version is installed and no old header files (which do not contain 

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