[Digikam-users] any one help to fix 5d mark ii's raw to be suitable digikam

leftplace leftplace at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 04:18:15 GMT 2009

please see this document..


Firmware Update Version 1.0.7 improves and mitigates the following two 
types of image quality phenomena that occur under certain shooting 

   1. "Black dot" phenomenon (the right side of point light sources
      become black)
   2. Vertical banding noise

Firmware Version 1.0.7 is for EOS 5D Mark II cameras with firmware up to 
version 1.0.6. If the camera's firmware is already version 1.0.7, it is 
not necessary to update the firmware...


So, adobe's lightroom has a plug-in which support 5d mark ii's raw,
but, after firmware to fix black-dot problem,  lightroom's plug-in needs 
to be patched to support new firmware ( that I heard ...)

so, I want to know it may be defferent  between  firmware 1.0.6 and 
1.0.7 on  dcraw  or not.

Daniel Bauer ? ?:
> On Tuesday 24 February 2009 05:06:25, leftplace wrote:
>> new version of dcraw support  format CR2 which is solved black-dot problem?
>> Daniel Bauer ? ?:
> What is the "black-dot problem?"
> I had no time to do intensive tests, but digiKam 0.10.0-rc1 opens 5D MarkII 
> CR2's quite fast. It also still opens old CR2s from old Canon 20D. 
> However, the 5D CR2's seem to show different colours than the ones from 20D. 
> But I guess (hope) that's a matter of settings... I will have to test the 
> results (one window digikam, other window Canon Software in a Windows-window) 
> and compare.
> New DigiKam looks great! Congratulations to developpers (once again....).
> And some of my wishes have been fulfilled, too :-)
> Plus: after installing kde4 I found out that I can also start the new 
> kde-4-digikam 0.10.0 from a kde3.5 session. So I don't have to wait for the 
> kde4 desktop to appear...
> Daniel

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