[Digikam-users] any one help to fix 5d mark ii's raw to be suitable digikam

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Tue Feb 24 10:11:42 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 24 February 2009 05:06:25, leftplace wrote:
> new version of dcraw support  format CR2 which is solved black-dot problem?
> Daniel Bauer ? ?:

What is the "black-dot problem?"

I had no time to do intensive tests, but digiKam 0.10.0-rc1 opens 5D MarkII 
CR2's quite fast. It also still opens old CR2s from old Canon 20D. 

However, the 5D CR2's seem to show different colours than the ones from 20D. 
But I guess (hope) that's a matter of settings... I will have to test the 
results (one window digikam, other window Canon Software in a Windows-window) 
and compare.

New DigiKam looks great! Congratulations to developpers (once again....).
And some of my wishes have been fulfilled, too :-)

Plus: after installing kde4 I found out that I can also start the new 
kde-4-digikam 0.10.0 from a kde3.5 session. So I don't have to wait for the 
kde4 desktop to appear...

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