[Digikam-users] Export pictures

Allan Dreyer Andersen swoop at swoop.dk
Sat Feb 7 10:07:25 GMT 2009

Hi all

I would like email a couple of friends some pictures from my last travel 
abroad. Each picture is a 10 MB file so I would like to lower the 
quality a bit but all the features I can find in Digikam applies to the 
entire album and only works with a handful of applications like Facebook.

My question is there a way to perform such actions on only the pictures 
I select and doesn't include any of these applications? I just want the 
new copy on my disk and email it later. If not possible with Digikam 
could you recommend another application which can do the job.

Thanks in advance.

Venlig hilsen / Best regards
Allan Dreyer Andersen

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