[Digikam-users] suddenly cannot choose a monitor profile in settings

Guenther Erhard guenther.erhard at gmx.de
Sat Dec 26 20:09:23 GMT 2009

> xcalib only updates the video card gamma settings (i.e. sets the monitor
> to a calibrated state) and does not touch _ICC_PROFILE atom in X.org.
> You want to do also the second step: to "copy" the ICC profile to X.org
> so that you do not have to set it manually in the Settings of each
> application. This can be done by "xicc"
> http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=xicc
> Once you do that second step, "xprop -root | grep ICC" should produce
> some output.
This works!

Calling "xcalib myprofile.icc" and after that xicc "myprofile.icc"and I
get an output of "xprop -root | grep ICC". Digikam has the selector
disabled again, but this time my profile is shown correctly with the
info button.

I have no clue why dispwin does not do the 2nd step on my installation.


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