[Digikam-users] suddenly cannot choose a monitor profile in settings

Guenther Erhard guenther.erhard at gmx.de
Sat Dec 26 12:04:36 GMT 2009

> There is indeed something mysterious going on.
> I did "dispwin <profile>" and digikam detected there was a system profile 
> detected, but the atom was empty. In this case, digikam will now ignore this.
> Then I did "dispwin -I <profile>" and the atom was set, as well properly in 
> the info dialog.
> Use "xprop -root  | grep ICC" to check that the _ICC_PROFILE atom is indeed 
> set. With current SVN, digikam will only use non-empty data from X.
"xprop -root  | grep ICC" does not output anything after xcalib
profile.icc. Then I tried "dispwin -I <profile>" and "dispwin
<profile>", but the result is always the same: no atom set. The profile
is loaded correctly using both tools.

The interesting thing is that after I've played with these different
methods of loading a monitor profile digiKam enabled the profile
selection again (shot9.png in the shared folder):



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