[Digikam-users] Non-RAW NEF support

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 09:47:32 GMT 2009

Open a file in bugzilla. Attach some dumy nef files to test

Anyway, thanks to Nikon to increase the complexity of puzzle, using or
making standard for everyone...

I will never buy a Nikon camera... I'm sure...

Gilles Caulier

2009/12/26 Photonoxx <photonoxx at free.fr>:
> With the thread about embed JPEG in RAW files, I test the command line to
> see property of Embed files in this kind of file :
> For one created from a TIFF (this TIFF was created from a JPG, but I don't
> think it's changing something), the exiv2 -pp myfile.nef give this :
> Preview 1: image/tiff, 320x212 pixels, 203520 octets
> Preview 2: image/jpeg, 2048x1360 pixels, 1650457 octets
> Preview 3: image/jpeg, 2048x1360 pixels, 1186804 octets
> I extract the preview in files and determine which one corresponds to
> thumbnail (preview 1 but it's not so hard find), to full preview of
> modified version (preview 2), Embed original file (preview 3 apparently,
> but at this step, I find ugly to JPEG compress on more time originally
> TIFF file... but it's a CaptureNX matter ! :) )
> I just test with the JPEG embed in RAW I provide here and it's the same
> thing...
> So I don't know if Digkam can recognize this kind of nef file, but, if it
> can, it would be great to use the preview 2 to view the file when we click
> on this kind of pictures.
> But it seems it's already what Digikam does for classic Raw files modified
> by captureNX wich only have thumbnail (preview 1) and jpeg preview at full
> resolution (preview 2)
> For NEF files out of the "box" (camera) it's different, there's three
> embed files one smaller tiff thumbnail (preview 1 - 160x120 instead of
> 320x214), one very medium jpeg preview (preview 2 - 570x375) probably use
> to display on the camera screen and a full size jpeg preview (preview 3).
> So I don't know what it could be do.
> Thanks
> Nicolas
> Le Wed, 23 Dec 2009 16:28:25 +0100, Photonoxx <photonoxx at free.fr> a écrit:
>> Hi, I don't know if it can be made in Digikam or it's depend of other
>> component but I would like to suggest to take in charge a special kind of
>> NEF files.
>> In fact, NEF files are most of the time RAW files out of the camera embed
>> in a NEF container, including parameters used to develop the RAW data.
>> But
>> with CaptureNX, you can edit the NEF files to modify and create different
>> version of treatment for a files and save all this modification embed in
>> a
>> NEF files, without alter the RAW data.
>> In the same kind of spirit, CaptureNX permit to open JPEG or TIFF files,
>> modify them and save them embedding original file + modication in a
>> single
>> NEF file. In this way, for example, there is no more deterioration of
>> files due to multiple saving with a destructive format.
>> But, with digikam, if I can see thumbnail for this kind of picture,
>> Digikam seems to be unable to show the prewiew of this image nor load it
>> in editor, so I ask me if support of this kind of NEF files could appear
>> in future realease of digikam.
>> You can find a sample JPEG embed in NEF file here :
>> http://photonoxx.free.fr/digikamNX2/nb-photos-20060528-131503.nef
>> I notice, the thumbnail viewed in Digikam correspond to the modified
>> version, but in nautilus (i'm under Ubuntu 9.10), the thumbnail seems
>> corresponding to the original shot, but nor Fspot viewer, nor Gnome Image
>> Viewer, nor Gimp can open this original file, instead they open the
>> modified version thumbnail (approx. 320x200) and may be Fspot viewer
>> display a bigger version of the modified result but not the embed JPEG.
>> I hope I was not to confuse, and thanks if you find a way to support a
>> little more this kind of file (I don't think about editing, but at least
>> display the bigger preview data).
>> Thanks Nicolas
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