[Digikam-users] Non-RAW NEF support

Photonoxx photonoxx at free.fr
Wed Dec 23 15:28:25 GMT 2009

Hi, I don't know if it can be made in Digikam or it's depend of other  
component but I would like to suggest to take in charge a special kind of  
NEF files.

In fact, NEF files are most of the time RAW files out of the camera embed  
in a NEF container, including parameters used to develop the RAW data. But  
with CaptureNX, you can edit the NEF files to modify and create different  
version of treatment for a files and save all this modification embed in a  
NEF files, without alter the RAW data.

In the same kind of spirit, CaptureNX permit to open JPEG or TIFF files,  
modify them and save them embedding original file + modication in a single  
NEF file. In this way, for example, there is no more deterioration of JPEG  
files due to multiple saving with a destructive format.

But, with digikam, if I can see thumbnail for this kind of picture,  
Digikam seems to be unable to show the prewiew of this image nor load it  
in editor, so I ask me if support of this kind of NEF files could appear  
in future realease of digikam.

You can find a sample JPEG embed in NEF file here :


I notice, the thumbnail viewed in Digikam correspond to the modified  
version, but in nautilus (i'm under Ubuntu 9.10), the thumbnail seems  
corresponding to the original shot, but nor Fspot viewer, nor Gnome Image  
Viewer, nor Gimp can open this original file, instead they open the  
modified version thumbnail (approx. 320x200) and may be Fspot viewer  
display a bigger version of the modified result but not the embed JPEG.

I hope I was not to confuse, and thanks if you find a way to support a  
little more this kind of file (I don't think about editing, but at least  
display the bigger preview data).

Thanks Nicolas

Nicolas Boulesteix - Chasseur de lueurs - http://www.photonoxx.fr

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