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Hello Daniel,

as far as I understand it you have to do the following things to merge your information into the pictures

Goto Settings->Configure digiKam->MetaData

Check the checkbox at 'Save image tag as "Keywords" tag (to store your tags) and 'Save image captions as embedded text' (to store your comments) and 'Save image ratings as tags' (to store your ratings)

After that whenever you change the tag in the database it is written to the file to. I use Digikam 1.0.0rc since a few weeks on a linux VM with an external drive and it works very well.

To store the data in the file for all the files you have already tagged you have to use the menu entry 'Write Metadata to selected files' under Image  or 'Write Metadata to all files' under Tools.

NOTE: The tag information is not stored in EXIF (this is more for camera specific data) but in IPTC.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

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> hi there,
> i...really dont understand your page....
> i thought this is some kind of thread, a forum of some sort..
> but it seems i really cant to anything there. or am i missing something?
> i subscribed because a view problems wich i couldnt solve with the
> documentation and other help.
> i would be gratefull if you can help me:
> i like to "fuse" the metatag-data into the picture-data. so if i format
> the pc or use another one. that the tags will still be there
> otherwhise all my 2 week work of tagging the pictures would be in
> vain.....
> so i've read something about a EXIF file so there you could put the
> tag-info into the picture? 
> how can i put the data in all pictures at once?
> please someone help me really desperate here T_T
> regards
> danny
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