[Digikam-users] digikam-users and other questions

daniel kratzer hazuki-kun at gmx.de
Mon Dec 14 13:00:50 GMT 2009

hi there,

i...really dont understand your page....
i thought this is some kind of thread, a forum of some sort..
but it seems i really cant to anything there. or am i missing something?

i subscribed because a view problems wich i couldnt solve with the documentation and other help.

i would be gratefull if you can help me:

i like to "fuse" the metatag-data into the picture-data. so if i format the pc or use another one. that the tags will still be there
otherwhise all my 2 week work of tagging the pictures would be in vain.....
so i've read something about a EXIF file so there you could put the tag-info into the picture? 
how can i put the data in all pictures at once?

please someone help me really desperate here T_T


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