[Digikam-users] Images not visible on Light Table

Laurent Espitallier laurent.espitallier at laposte.net
Sat Dec 12 13:46:08 GMT 2009

Le 12/12/2009 12:58, Gilles Caulier a écrit :
> Really ? great to hear ! Thanks to use it...
> Which compagny, and which workflow ?
> And under windows ?
> Gilles

The company is "Conseil général de l'Isère"

I work in the computer support department, as far as I know digiKam will 
be used by at least 2 persons in the "Service de la communication 
interne" which is responsible of the intranet, an internal monthly 
newspaper and many other events for the 4600 employees of the company.

I know some other departments are also interested like the "Direction de 
la communication externe" (They publish "Isère Magazine" that millions 
of people read each month) or the "Direction de la culture et du 
patrimoine" (they both have official internal photographers)... but 
nothing is done yet.

In fact they knew Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0, some of them even had a 
demonstration of it a few month ago during a training. So they ordered 
the software to my departement.
The problem with that is we were at the end of the year and operating 
budget was running extremely low. On top of that we were asked by Adobe 
to send them proof we acquired legally their software (Acrobat, 
Photoshop, Indesign,Illustrator, etc.) which is a lot of work for my 
department !!!

Many users in my company don't know that there is open source 
alternatives so they always asks for well known Adobe Software like 
Photoshop (althought few of them use it like a professional). Finally we 
tend in general to reduce the software catalog users can buy, so as my 
crew chief knew I have some knowledge on open source and free sofware 
she asked me to find an alternative to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

As an openSUSE user I immediately thought to digiKam, I knew a Windows 
build existed with the KDE on windows project. I asked a few questions 
to the "Service de la communication interne", as their photo library was 
growing and they had a DSLR, they needed a software which could read RAW 
files and access the photo library "without browsing folders". I 
explained them the principle of tags, how they could modify their 
photographs and talked about the quality of some algorithms like the new 
wavelet noise reduction tool. I installed the software on a computer 
with Windows so a person could evaluate it and warned the user it was 
only a beta version, he understood very well and said me they will not 
begin to work on their photo library before next year anyway and that 
with what I said the software should fit perfectly. I also understood 
that one computer will be in self-service, photos will be stored on its 
hard drive and backed up regularily on an external USB hard drive.

So I don't know the exact workflow they will use, but I think they will 
create albums for already stored photos, import new photos from the 
DSLR, and sometimes post process them. Of course I will help them if 
they have any problem at the beginning.

I'll explain you the exact workflow when they will be in "production".

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