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Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Wed Dec 9 09:58:01 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 08 December 2009 17:12:34, jdd wrote:
> Hello :-)
> I don't like public galleries, because I don't trust them to respect
> privacy.
> So I build my galleries with Digikam export
> (http://dodin.org/wiki/index.php?n=Photo.GaleriesPhoto)
> However I miss the possibility to comment the images online (for
> example to allow my sister to add memories) and the ability to see the
> photos as a slideshow online (I have a total of 20.000 photos online),
> for example by categories.
> The PHP photogalleries I found are not very good as retreiveing
> already loaded photos. I neither like mysql (as I always have had
> problems backing up databases)
> do you have any idea?

have you looked at gallery2 or is this the one you think it's not very good?

I sometimes use gallery2 (http://www.daniel-bauer.com/gallery2), some for 
puiblic galleries - everybody who knows the URL can see the photos - and 
sometimes private galleries which are only visible to registered users.

You can play with designs (I just used the standard one, because this part is 
of no importance to me), you can comment on galleries or single photos (and as 
admin manage who and how comments can be added or seen), you can show exif 
data, you can manage the rights in a easy way. You can upload photos galleries 
as zip-files, give or not give selected other people the rights to upload too, 
you can even set how google sees (or not sees) the info.

I think you can also use slide shows. 

I just use it when I fastly want to uplad some photos or to show a model or a 
client the photos in a private gallery without the need of programming 
anything myself, but I havn't gone deeper into to matter. However I am quite 
impressed by the admin possibilities, although I don't use many of them...

Its open source and free. But if you like it? It's a matter of taste :-)


Daniel Bauer photographer Basel Barcelona
professional photography: http://www.daniel-bauer.com

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