[Digikam-users] compatible galery

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Tue Dec 8 16:12:34 GMT 2009

Hello :-)

I don't like public galleries, because I don't trust them to respect

So I build my galleries with Digikam export

However I miss the possibility to comment the images online (for
example to allow my sister to add memories) and the ability to see the
photos as a slideshow online (I have a total of 20.000 photos online),
for example by categories.

The PHP photogalleries I found are not very good as retreiveing
already loaded photos. I neither like mysql (as I always have had
problems backing up databases)

do you have any idea?

notice simpleviewer is now 2.0 and don't seems to work anymore with
digikam, and is limited to 50 images on one gallery, too small for me :-(


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