[Digikam-users] Database issue

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sat Dec 5 11:27:56 GMT 2009

> I replaced the hard drive that held my images to a larger drive, I named
>  the new volume the same as the old volume
> When I restarted digikam, none of the folders or images were there.
> It was an NTFS file system and it is now EXT4. I made a backup of the DB
>  before I did the switch.
> What
> should I do to save all the tags I made? Some of them were not saved to
> the files themselves and I would like to get them from the original
> database

First make sure you are running 1.0-rc1 and not 0.10.0 or one of the older 
beta versions.
You should get a dialog when starting then, and hopefully the new volume will 
be offered as new location. If not, please give me the output of 
"solid-hardware list details"


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